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The best laid plans often go awry.  Life happened and I haven’t uploaded a blog post for a while.  I guess the good thing about blogging especially when you are a mum is that you can be a bit flexible.  However onwards and upwards, I’ve just scraped in here with my November post.  Quality over quantity right? In this case a rather apt phrase for the subject matter of this post.  Quality, luxury designer handbags for hire.

I don’t go to that many events these days but when I do, I love to take a good bag. I’m an accessories girl all the way – shoes, bags ,jewellery (even your nail colour although not exactly an accessory) really can define your whole outfit.   I have a few treasured designer bags but not many because as we all know, they are really expensive!! I recently attended an upscale event for my husbands work and took my trusty black Mulberry Lily.  Now while I love and adore my Lily (I actually have two, a black and a tan (appears on my homepage picture) these – and a gorgeous Christian Louboutin sparkly clutch a dear girlfriend gave me – are the only “good” small evening bags I have.  And have had for what feels like a long time haha.  I am very fortunate of course to even have them but I must say I did gaze longingly at a few of the class act handbags on our table alone (Hermes, Chanel, Gucci etc). “I need want a new bag” I sighed to my husband on the way home that night.   However ah, mortgage holidays bills school fees etc – of course there are other priorities before dropping a cool $3K+ on a bag. And there are no milestone birthdays for me in sight (thank god actually ;)).

This is where Higher comes in and is such a clever idea.  If you have something special coming up where you would like the latest it bag you can rent one.  Or say you were going to a few different weddings/parties with the same social group there you could wow your friends with a different bag for each occasion.  You can rent one just to treat yourself to a little luxury without the massive price tag.  Or if, like me, you don’t go out as much as you used to but you have an event coming up where you can’t justify purchasing a bag you will hardly use.

The rental periods are different lengths too so if you would like to enjoy it for longer than one night that is an option.   It was actually really hard to choose a bag from their range for this shoot.  Lots of different styles and colour palettes so you can match to your outfit.   I was going to my dear friend’s engagement party on the evening we took these pictures, so I knew my dress was black and the YSL was a perfect match. Plus a YSL bag – say no more – even Garance Dore includes it in the Style Essentials chapter of her book “Love Style Life”.

I’ve listed below a few of the other bags available but there are heaps more on their website – the range is extensive.  Hiring a luxury handbag is an interesting reflection of the growing trend to rent over buy in many areas of life.  It makes sense in a way rather than purchasing one bag which you may grow tired of after time, renting keeps things fresh while giving you a taste of luxury.  The trend has taken off massively in Paris according to The Australian newspaper (Ownership is so passé for Parisians who prefer to hire the Cinderella Look) and I can see the same thing happening here.

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Cassie xx


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3 thoughts on “Luxury Handbag Rental

  1. What a fabulous idea! I love the concept of renting as a way to curb consumerism and allows you to avoid buying something you’ll likely only use a handful of times (or less) before the next new accessory becomes the object of desire!

  2. Love the idea. Thanks for the tip – I never knew this kind of service existed. Makes total sense.

    By the way, your whole outfit looks stunning. Love your shoes.

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