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After my last beauty post my sisters beautiful best friend told me she loved reading about new beauty products.  So in keeping with my goal of blogging more this year I present you another beauty post about three beauty products you may not have tried.  Thanks for the feedback Leila ☺️

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

I remember reading once that models used this cream to keep their skin hydrated on long haul flights.  I was curious to try but when I did receive a sample I was fairly turned off by its somewhat “horsey”‘ smell.  The sample languished at the bottom of a drawer.  Recently I’ve been experiencing cracked skin on the balls of my feet, another lovely effect of getting older I suppose as my skin has always been on the dry side anyway.  I tried literally everything but nothing would fix it and sometimes it was quite painful too.  Recently  I found the sample again and thought why not try it on my feet.  I could not believe how quickly it improved my issue.  I now use it most days and so far the skin is almost completely better.  When I went to  the Elizabeth Arden counter to buy some more the sales rep said lots of people use it for skin problems.  You can also even use it on your cheekbones for a bit of gloss (it’s more an ointment than a cream). I still wouldn’t use it on my lips as I’m not crazy about the smell but it does an awesome job for dry skin.

Ella Bache Great 50 Sunblock Spray

My gorgeous friend Kirst’s skin was looking great one day.  I asked her what she was wearing and she put me onto this stuff.   This is like a sunscreen and tinted moisturiser in one, with an added bit of sparkle.  It’s got a lovely light consistency.  Ella Bache use green base tanning/bronzing products so the colour is a little more olive toned which I like.  Another bonus is, if you live in Sydney and you go to the Ella Bache counter at David Jones Elizabeth St store for a spray tan and then buy $40 worth of products the spray tan is free.  Which I did as I needed a tan anyway, so I basically got this for free.  (Twisted logic? Ha).    Be warned though it is a little shiny so if you don’t like shine it’s probably not for you.  But I love the sparkly effect I find it pretty.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

I was sent these to review, hadn’t  heard of the brand before but a little research suggests they are a cosmeceutical type product available at a cheaper price point (ie from Priceline not your dermatologist).  They aren’t super cheap but everything in the range appears to be in the $30-$50 price range so not super expensive either (These retail for $29.95 for a pack of 60 so one months worth).  You use them after cleansing and before your moisturiser/makeup, almost like a powerful toner.  The pads contain glycolic acid to exfoliate the dead surface skin cells and hyaluronic acid to moisturise/plump the skin.  They have a tingly feeling upon application which is not unpleasant and they leave your skin feeling quite fresh.  I used them for about a month and my skin looked nice and smooth and bright.  I have sensitive skin and didn’t have any bad reaction either which was a bonus.  I do use cosmeceuticals (serums etc) on a regular basis but put them on hold while I trialled these.  This brand would be a good intro to cosmeceuticals or in addition if you already use.  The format is also great for travelling or if you want to throw them in your gym bag.

Until next time

Xx Cassie

* the Nip and Tuck product was sent to me for review.  The opinion is 100 % my own.

4 thoughts on “Beauty Edit – some products I love

  1. Being a skincare and makeup addict, I would love to keep seeing more of your reviews. I have used Nip + Fab products too, and having very sensitive skin also, I find their products really good. xx

    1. Thank you Amanda! You are the second person now to tell me this so I will keep on with them, as I enjoy doing them too, as I’m also a bit of an addict 🙂 thank you xxx

  2. Lovely Cassie, so please to see another beauty post!
    I’ve been travelling the last couple of weeks and am suffering the worst skin I’ve had in 10 years. The dry British climate is killing my glow resulting in dry skin that is breaking out! Seriously what the?!?!
    I’m going to try to find that 8 hours cream when I stop off in Singapore and have an hour to duty free shop.
    Thanks for the tip and keep them coming x x

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