Investing in a good pair of trousers

I’ve been absent from the blog this year, it’s been a big transitional time for our family with my little one starting big school so I’ve been focusing all my energy on him and getting us adjusted. We also got a puppy which is like having a new baby I’ve come to learn so it’s been all systems go at our place. I’ve been missing the blog though so really excited to be finally writing my first post for the year.

Today’s post is about why I love a good pair of trousers. If you’re on a budget and/or conscious of not over consuming a good pair of trousers is a worthwhile investment. As Vivienne Westwood said  “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity” which I think is a fantastic quote especially in this age of so much fast cheap fashion. I’m definitely guilty of the occasional fast fashion purchase (ie this top) but try to not over indulge in this area.

I like to purchase pants with a good cut and fabric, usually (but not always) the more expensive the better they will last and keep their shape. Sale time is always a good time to buy more expensive pieces. I will often pin a few items on Pinterest and the minute they are on sale see if they are available. It’s a gamble sometimes as they may have sold out but lots of times not. I had these Scanlan and Theodore pants pinned and bought them for $245 on sale which is actually a really good price considering their excellent quality.   Scanlan cuts are not overly trend driven so will last the distance in that respect also.

I usually purchase pants in a good base neutral colour so that you can style them lots of different ways, thus achieving many different looks with the one piece. For example these pants are a beautiful very dark green (love this colour right now). They could also be worn with a white tshirt and trainers for a more casual daytime look, or a pink, red or black top for a different look yet again.  You can even wear a cheaper top and by association by wearing more expensive on the bottom the whole outfit will look more classy. This white jersey and lace top was only about $29 (again on sale online at Marks and Spencer) but doesn’t look it’s price.

I’ve selected a few pants I like at the moment below as well as some lace tops…lace is not as big this season as 2015 but it’s definitely still around and just such a lovely fabric to dress up an outfit….it’s a great winter fabric too.

I’m wearing a size 10 in the pants and Size 10 in the top (UK sizes are the same as Australian).

Until next time

Cassie xx

Pants/Scanlan and Theodore
Top/Marks and Spencer
Shoes/Senso from Zomp

Photographer Carolin Margi Photography



2 thoughts on “Investing in a good pair of trousers

  1. Oooh those pants look nice. The outfit looks feminine (with lace top) and classy at the same time.
    Thanks for the tips – they’re really helpful (I’m also guilty of buying a lot of cheap stuff and you’re right – it doesn’t last). Keep up the blog – I love it!

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