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After years of pondering hair extensions I decided to take the plunge. If you’ve read my previous post (here) you might remember I was not blessed with naturally thick locks.

I was discussing extensions with my hairdresser Ross recently and decided why not give it a try. Life is short.  Plus I thought it would be a good story for the blog!  Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and all that.  Being a bit of an overthinker I’d already done a bit of research on them. My research skills have come in handy with the blog (putting my degree to good use ha!), so I’d already determined that Great Lengths extensions are the best ones as they are made from real hair (not synthetic) and are ethically sourced.

The fact that Ross is a Great Lengths technician and those are the kind they use at my salon sold me. But I was still scared.

My main concerns were:

It will ruin my hair. Ross allayed my fears on this one – it doesn’t ruin your hair because it’s not an actual glue that attaches the extensions it’s keratin (the protein your hair is made from ) and water which is sealed with light heat which wraps around it and hugs it. As your hair grows the bond grows with it after about three months or so it grows down and you have them removed with a special solution so your hair is still there underneath. They aren’t attached right to your scalp either so your hair can breathe.

They will make me go bald.   They won’t. They don’t put much hair on each strand so they are very light.

I was also worried about being able to do regular stuff like swimming, styling etc but apparently you can do everything you can with normal hair but just take a bit more care so they don’t get matted, such as using a special brush to brush your hair and tieing it back before you go to bed.

The day arrived and I felt nervous. We had already chosen the colour hair (you can darken them later but you can’t lighten them so I went kind of light). Ross did a really good job choosing the colour, it looks very natural and similar to my own highlights. He chose two blonde colours and blended them.   An advantage to having them also is that I won’t have to highlight my hair as much as they are already there, probably more around the roots only. So that is a plus as maintaining blonde hair is not cheap haha.

First I had my hair washed and dried and then he started putting them in. I was expecting something somewhat heavy and painful and it was exactly the opposite. They aren’t attached right to your scalp, but a little bit down, and the heat is pleasantly warm. Ross suggested since I was apprehensive about getting them I ease myself into it and start off small, so I had 30 extensions put in. A full head is about 90 extensions I believe.  Most of his clients get them for fullness and thickness rather than length, and this was more what I wanted to achieve also.

The whole process took only an hour, then he cut the hair a little bit (the strands are 30 cm long) and styled it with the GHD. I couldn’t believe how quick it was!! My hair hardly felt any different, definitely not heavier, a little strange when you run your fingers through it and feel the bonds but that’s about it.

So far I’m really pleased. They look really natural. I went to lunch with my girlfriends the next day and nobody could tell (until I told them about it of course).   Washing it has been easy, and I can still put it up which is how I wear my hair a lot.  I’m looking forward to having some fun with it and trying some different styles. I’m already thinking about getting some more in next time ha.

If you’re in Sydney and considering extensions I’d definitely recommend my salon, Chameleon Hair Creators, Ross is really experienced and they provide follow up care, free consultations etc. They are located in Willoughby about 15 minutes from the CBD.

Until next time
xx Cassie

4 thoughts on “Hair Extensions – I took the plunge

  1. Wow – they look so natural, and the extra fullness really suits you. The colour is gorgeous too. I’d love to see it with some braid styling. xx

  2. The before and after photos really show the difference, otherwise I would never have been able to tell. You look great. Ross did a great job.

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