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Streetwear has been having a moment in fashion for a while now.  Even those in the high fashion world are now wearing trainers or bomber jackets with their Balmain and Givenchy to the shows.  It’s a trend that appears here to stay and I’m more than happy with that, considering I pretty much live in streetwear anyway.  Trainers jeans et al are the perfect attire for busy mamas who are constantly running around – errands, extra curricular activities, shopping etc. As you know I love a good flat shoe so I rotate trainers, flats and sandals pretty much daily.

Gluestore has always been synonymous with good quality streetwear. I’ve purchased denim and jackets from Glue for years as they have always had a really strong range, including one of my all time favs Gstar.  I must admit I haven’t branched much further than this lately, thinking perhaps the womens wear was a little young for me now.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see loads of pieces I would wear when I made a trip there recently.  They have introduced some really nice brands – good quality, simple essential pieces that can be used as core basics for a mamas wardrobe.  Think jersey/linen blend dresses in neutral palettes, gorgeous linen tops in solid colours and stripes, an extensive denim and trainers range as well as dressier pieces for evening. They even have a great range of dressier shoes/wedges from local designer Solsana, whose slides they also stock and I have been coveting for a while now (see previous post ‘Current Trends I’m Into’ here and here). Another great luxe looking brand I had not seen before is Assembly Label. This Aussie label was started by two friends from Bondi originally for menswear but they expanded into womenswear and apparently it has exploded. Their mission to make garments with high quality fabrics and classic shapes is totally reflected in the range Gluestore carries. I found it hard to not want to purchase the entire range! As it was I purchased additional items I’ll be posting later on Instagram. I love supporting Australian designers – so much better for sustainability and also to support local talent.  These pieces are equally as good as labels such as Bassike without the hefty price tags. It doesn’t stop at these guys here though, the in-house brand Lulu & Rose has some great pieces also, there were some nice subtle classy looking prints. There were also lots of other fantastic brands including Saltwater sandals, which I’ve also been wanting for ages, and purchased in navy (another upcoming Insta post).

Another thing I like about Gluestore is the staff are really friendly and helpful without hovering. They strike the perfect balance – there if you need them but not hounding you. They all had an extensive knowledge of the product and knew exactly the items to recommend to me when I told them what I was looking for, which is so handy when you’re on a tight schedule, like I pretty much always am. Plus their online sales staff are so lovely and helpful.  A rarity I find sometimes in customer service in Australia (my husband can attest to this common gripe I have :). Slightly off topic but we could totally take some lessons from the Americans when it comes to customer service imho).

The look I’m wearing in this post is one of my everyday go to looks – Articles of Society jeans and Lacoste trainers (my love of white trainers will never die), with an on-trend element of the off shoulder look added in.   Plus an Assembly Label denim jacket because this is one item that will never date, and goes with pretty much everything.  I love the chambray colour denim as you can probably tell.   The best thing about the Lulu & Rose top is that it is off shoulder but has handy straps so that it doesn’t actually KEEP SLIPPING OFF your shoulders, which is the most irritating quality about this trend.  The jeans are also super soft, a factor I love as I always sometimes get home from a day out in jeans and can’t wait to get them off as they dig in to me. Not these babies. So so comfortable, an element you usually pay $300 plus for (eg Current Elliot). These were only $119.
I would also style these trainers and jacket with a tshirt dress from their Assembly label brand (which I will be because, I ahem, also couldn’t leave without purchasing a couple of these dresses).   I love loose jersey dresses as they are so easy to wear and the dresses in there at the moment are in line with the current voluminous mood whilst still remaining flattering.

So mamas if you are looking for a new store for some excellent everyday basics, look no further than Glue. I will definitely be back.

Jeans/Articles of Society
Jacket/Assembly Label

Products featured gifted by Gluestore.  All opinions are 100% my own.

9 thoughts on “Streetwear for Mamas

  1. Love the jeans and jacket combo with the white accessories – looks so fresh and summery. Definitely want that jacket – that pale powdery blue is my favourite colour. Thanks chic mama. x

  2. Love love love that chambray denim jacket!
    And I too love G-star – I love their urban denim accessories with leather highlights and just couldn’t resist purchasing an edgy pair of their black combat boots which just take any outfil to a whole new level of cool.

    1. Thank you so much Amanda. I’m so glad, you should totally check them out, especially the Assembly Label stuff it’s awesome xx

  3. Hey Cassie

    Awesome write up:) always a pleasure meeting new people and showing them around please do come in anytime!

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