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Ellery via Pinterest
Ellery via Pinterest

My favourite season of the year is Autumn, closely followed by Spring.  Both seasons are neither too cold and grey or too hot. The weather for the most part is just right. 

For the first time in ages the other night we were able to have our lounge doors open to the garden.  These days its the small pleasures like looking out onto my garden at night with the pretty lights and the soft breeze I enjoy.

I also love lighter dressing.  Less stuff to pack for the many “adventures” of mama life eg swimming lessons, the beach and the gym.  I’m always schlepping an enormous bag of extra clothes around it seems, so it’s great to have the load a little lighter. 

There are some lovely trends around at the moment.  It’s been really fun to watch all the accounts in the Northern Hemisphere I follow being a season ahead of us and being able to look forward to what is to come. 

Here are a few current trends I really like: 

Cropped trousers  Especially when combined with a print, because I love a good print.  I particularly love a slim, cropped trouser or jean.  The Scanlan Dylan Jeans and the  Mango printed  cropped trousers I’ve posted below are both currently on sale.  I have both and love them.

Block heels They look good and they (mostly) aren’t too high. I couldn’t ask for more. I hope this trend sticks around for ages. 

Statement sleeves  I like the way some of the styles elongate your arm (eg the Seed ones below)  plus it’s nice to add a little difference to an evening top especially.  The latest looks from the runways overseas all showed lots of volume including in the sleeves.  Voluminous garments look to be a trend throughout 2017.  If you would prefer to just dabble in this look rather than going all out you could invest in a top with a voluminous sleeve. I personally would wear this look  with straight cropped trousers or even leather pants or a skirt (if I had some – leather pants are on my wish list ☺️). By all means you could go full voluminous top and bottom but I personally like to balance the look and show a bit of my figure.

Slides  Because I’m fairly lazy, and often time poor, the ultimate shoe for me is one I can slip on quickly without having to bother with laces, zips, buckles etc. That’s what I love about slides.  When I’m in my trackie daks and realise I have 5 minutes to get changed and out the door for the preschool pick up (ie every day) it’s great to just slip on some shoes and go.  But I’ve learned the hard way that I need slides with a high support across the top of my foot as close to my ankle as possible.  I bought a gorgeous pair of rose gold metallic slides last summer but they were so annoying as they always slipped off my foot as I was walking so they ended up going to eBay.  Nothing fun about gripping on with your toes as you walk along. The Zomp leopard slides shown below are great. They don’t come off at all plus they are leopard and I love animal print accessories.  When you’re a bit of a minimalist like I am a splash of animal print is a great way to add some variety to your outfit.   

I’ve put together below a selection of pieces from these trends that I love.

Until next time 

Xx Cassie 

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  1. I love slides and have been lusting after a suede sage pair from St Agni (ethnically sourced Byron Bay boutique). I have a pair of their tan sandals and they are such beautiful leather! Bring on Spring 🌺

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