Ta daaa…very first beauty post…and it’s a beauty…. Davines Hair Care Products


I’m so excited to be finally writing my first beauty post. When I first created Chic Mama I always planned to include beauty (and eventually décor).  So I was thrilled when RY Beauty sent me some hair care products to review.

Everyone in my family has been blessed with beautiful thick locks but unfortunately I was not (cue violins – ha).  I’ve had fine hair my whole life (I like to say “fine and dark ash blonde” rather than “thin and mousy brown, which is probably closer to the truth lol). The only time it was thick was when I was breastfeeding my son. And he also has the most divine thick hair. Wasted on a boy!! Anyhoo…I know there is the extensions route but I’ve always been a bit wary of them, worried that the weight of them would eventually make me have less hair than I already have (and also that I would become addicted to them)!!  This is also the reason I’ve never gone down the eyelash extension route. Not good for the bank balance methinks.

So for me it’s all about working with what I’ve got. And that means a good cut and colour and good products.

I’ve always envied my friends who can buy Pantene from the supermarket and have gloriously shiny healthy hair. But due to the fact I get highlights every 6 weeks or so (see…mousy brown colour) my hair completely dries out unless I use the high end stuff.  After years, and lots of wasted bottles of  really expensive shampoo ( off topic but I’ve always wondered why shampoo companies seem to be the only ones in the beauty industry that rarely give samples) I’ve realised that because my hair is fine but also coloured I require a top shelf volumising shampoo, conditioner and products. Anything other will unfortunately either weigh it down or dry it out dramatically.

The Davines range I’m reviewing today I must admit I had never heard of before. RY Beauty represent excellent brands so after checking out their website I was pretty sure it was going to be quality, not to mention it has a bit of a cult following apparently.

So I did some research on Davines. They were founded in Italy in 1983 as a research laboratory and started developing their own line exclusively for salons in the 1990s.   Apart from the beautiful design aesthetics (I love surrounding myself with pretty things) and product quality the aspect that most appealed to me is their sustainable ethos. Davines invests in a number of sustainable projects, including using 100%  renewable electric energy from natural sources – such as sun, wind, water and soil – to supply its plants and offices since 2006. How cool is that? They also have a very solid range, something for pretty much every hair type.

Here is what I tried:

Here’s what I thought:

The shampoo has a lovely delicate scent and did not dry my hair out at all, as some volumising shampoos – even the good ones – can tend to do.

The conditioner was also lovely to smell and was light enough that it didn’t weigh my hair down, whilst still moisturising my hair. Years of experience has taught me to only use a little though, and only through the mid lengths and ends.

The treatment is a spray on leave in one, which suits busy mamas perfectly. Although I know I should do them I tend to skip treatments because 1. I am quite a bit lazy and 2. The time factor – shampoo, get out of the shower, dry off and then apply treatment,try to get warm for however long then get BACK in the shower – who has time for this? Especially with a little one/s coming in and out of the bathroom asking when you will be finished. Haha. This treatment is for all hair types and the directions recommended using as much as your hair type needs so I only used two sprays, having thin fine hair. Again it smelled lovely and my hair was super soft when I blowdried it.

And now for the product I loved the most – the volumising powder.

I have the dilemma of having to moisturise my colour treated hair whilst also wanting to give it some volume – so especially after using treatments etc us volume deprived girls have to add in some product. This is a really cool idea where you get a brush and powder and apply it to your (dry) hair and then style it. I loved it. Immediately my hair felt thicker, with more texture, without feeling sticky or dry.

So my verdict is a big thumbs up for Davines. The cost is on par – if not less – than brands such as Kerastace, the quality is really good and the company have good values. Plus they have SO many products – not just volumising – so there’s something for everyone.

Until next time

xx Cassie

The Davines range is available from RY Beauty

This post was created in collaboration with RY Beauty. All opinions are 100% my own.



2 thoughts on “Ta daaa…very first beauty post…and it’s a beauty…. Davines Hair Care Products

  1. Love the beauty post CM!
    I envy you having quality beauty products on hand as I’m currently travelling and because I was too lazy to get organised, I’m now stuck with hotel hair products and hard water – my hair looks so sad and dull and FRIZZY 🙁
    I’ll just have to try Davines when I get home if you think it’s worth a shot – oh and I love to hear they have an eco-ethos too!

    1. Oh no hotel hair products are never good – yes defo give Davines a try, they are really good. Hope you have a good trip trip xxx

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