All I want for Mothers Day is jewellery (and cuddles)


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With Mother’s Day approaching I’ve been thinking of the types of gifts that work well for this occasion, and for me jewellery is something you cannot go wrong with. Jewellery is treasured forever especially if there is a sentimental occasion attached to it. Every time I look at the bracelet my husband gave me for my first Mothers Day it reminds me of reaching a milestone in my life, my first Mothers Day as a mummy and what a special time it was.

For jewellery that has a sentimental value I personally prefer pieces that are on the delicate side. The Michael Hill heart pendant necklace I am wearing here is a beautiful solid silver and can be kept plain or engraved. I chose to engrave it with the initials of our family as it is a reminder to me of my loved ones. I know it’s a bit cheesy but I like that they are close to my heart.

Pearl jewellery has had somewhat of a resurgence in the past few years. Ever since Chanel’s Spring 2014 show featured oversized pearls pearl jewellery has been gaining popularity. I remember wearing my grandmothers pearls to a wedding when I was 24 and feeling quite elegant but ever so slightly old fashioned. I wanted to wear them not only because they were beautiful –  even back then my style was quite classic – but also as she had only recently passed away and I was very close to her so it meant a lot to me to wear them. It meant a lot to my Grandpa too I think, who took loads of photos of me before I went 🙂 . Miss you Granny. These days designers are doing some very contemporary things with pearls. Pairing the pearl bracelet I am wearing in this post – which is so delicate and beautiful – with the silver heart fob gives it a bit of a contemporary edge which I like. I also love the fact that the heart fob ties in with the necklace.

Stacking the pearl bracelet with a delicate silver linked bracelet also gives it a bit of a twist.  Although my style is generally on the minimalist side I do love the look of stacking jewellery together and keeping it to two pieces isn’t too much for me.

The delicate drop pearl earrings are also simple yet elegant and the quality of all the pieces is exceptional. Michael Hill has a very reasonable price point which helps if you want to wear quality jewellery without breaking the bank.

So to all the mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, godmothers and daughters out there I hope you all enjoy a relaxing day with your loved ones and are showered with affection.   And hopefully a piece or two of jewellery 😉



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Until next time

Xx Cassie

           This post was created in collaboration with Michael Hill jewellery. I chose the pieces featured and all opinions are 100% my own.

Heart pendant in sterling silver c/o Michael Hill

Bracelet with cultured freshwater pearl in sterling silver c/o Michael Hill

19cm infinity bracelet in sterling silver c/o Michael Hill

Drop earrings with cultured freshwater pearl in sterling silver c/o Michael Hill


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  1. Love this Cass. I have always had a ‘thing’ for hearts..I don’t think your family initials are cheesy.. I have a silver block pendant with the names/birth dates of my children, my two dogs, together with the date of my marriage. Meh..cheesy maybe but I love it

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