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I am so honoured that the lovely Caroline from The Mint Mom has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! The Liebster Blog Award is a way for new bloggers to be discovered and also to connect and support the blogging community.

I have found the blogging community to be warm and welcoming and I’ve also noticed I’m starting to rely a lot more on blogs and Instagram as resources for loads of things (mainly fashion and beauty).

I will be nominating 5 blogs that I love. So once nominated, you list 5 facts about yourself and answer the 5 Q posted. I will be answering Caroline’s, then I will create a list of Q’s for my nominees.

Caroline’s Questions for me:

  1. How do you stay motivated?

Exercise – I always feel more motivated after exercising. I swim, do ballet DVDs, PopPilates on YouTube (love her) and Iyengar yoga once a week. Also, strangely,  giving my house a good tidy up gets me motivated.  Perhaps it’s something about the feng shui  of having an uncluttered space. Having said that most of the time I am a terrible procrastinator!! So I have to force myself to do the above because I know how good it will make me feel when I do get things done.

  1. What is the best parenting advice you’ve recieved?

I’ve received so many good pieces of advice. Try not to show kids your worry so they will always feel comfortable telling you stuff was one. Listen to your own mother instincts another. For example personally I could never leave my son to get ultra hysterical during the tantrum stage – my gut instinct was to comfort him when it really got bad (whilst still not giving in). Another was not to overpraise – only give praise when it’s really due – so that you create a resilient child.

  1. Who is your fave parenting blogger?

Oh there’s so many good ones out there. Tbt I mainly read the mama fashion blogs rather than parenting exclusively. I really like Caroline’s! Also Jenna Isaacman’s blog and her Instagram (#fashiongoals!) and Style Crush Perth are another two that I enjoy.

  1. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

Nine at present but I usually only wear one or two to death and then move on.

5. Why did you start your own blog?

Mainly as a creative outlet. I love being a full time mama but I was also feeling a little creatively unfulfilled. One of my closest friends actually suggested I do it, I’d never even considered it, but I looked into the whole blogging thing and it has opened up such a great world to me. I aim to eventually post on a more regular basis as my son gets older but for now it is a part time endeavour which I am absolutely loving.  It’s such a fantastic thing to be able to do from home as a mother.

Here are my 5 Questions for the bloggers I would like to nominate (plus one extra question!):

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Who or what inspires you with your posts?
  3. Beach or city holiday?
  4. Your guilty pleasure?
  5. Your proudest achievement to date?
  6.  Handbags or shoes (if you had to choose one)?

My Liebster Award nominees are:

Love what these girls are doing with their blogs

Until next time

Xx Cassie



6 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Wow! Congratulations on being nominated. I love reading your posts and impeccable style guides. For me, you are a professional fashion mama. Well done.

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